The Canadian seal hunt is a hunt for harp seals. This all apparently started in the early 1500's and continues today. What happens is the pregnant seals migrate towards the Canadian Atlantic coastline every spring to have their pups. During this time many Canadian sealers (the people who hunt the seals) go out and blockade them into a herd. After doing this they go out and hunt them down (if they're not hunting them on land they stay on their ships and shoot them so they can't move much) and hit them in the head with a club (hakapiks), and cut their arteries under their flippers so that they will bleed out. They are murdered/hunted for their fur. Some of the seals are not even killed by the sealers and are just wounded then end up dying while they're trying to escape. In the past sealers would keep the carcasses to sell for uses in pet food or mink farms. Today most carcasses are just left on the ice. In 2001 IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) stated that 40% of seals were skinned while alive and conscious. Each year a small group of Namibians round and club/skin 80,000 seal pups. This is becoming an issue and has caused the population of harp seals to decline and drop dramatically making them an endangered species.  There isn't much we can do about this situation except try and stop the sealers but there is no laws in place to stop any of this from happening.


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