Life with Fashion Blog #1
Episode 1 season 1:
Fashion do Fashion Don't (spring style)

Girls Loves Fashion of course and this is the first tackk of my fashion blog series called Life with Fashion. Every month or everyday I will say something new about Fashion in the year of 2015 and 2016. There will be season breaks and maybe not. If I get enough likes by 10 episodes there won't be season breaks.So lets get started on the first episode! No rude comments, Give me some likes and some follows with your thumbs.

YAY IT IS SPRING! Fashion DO:This is a beautiful spring outfit I mean the sun is shining the flowers are blooming just I love the orange romper with the brown sandals which is so cute.  

I am so sorry but this is a FASHION DON'T the grey love pink jacket with this opal pink is not working. Especially for spring. Nothing else to say about this but please don't go there!

It is okay if you don't agree with me and you can put it in the comments as long as it is nice so thank you for all the follows and if you have any ideas for my blog then thank you BE SWEET!