Andrew Hill
                      Persuasive Speech

We should have a class pet. I think that because it is an important change. It would bring happiness to our classroom. Also you are probably wondering why do you care about a class pet so much. Well I do because I don’t have a pet and maybe some other people don’t have any too so we could get a feeling of what it’s like to have a pet.

One reason I think we should have a class pet because it would make us more responsible because there are a lot of responsibilities. You would have to clean the cage, refill the food and water bowl. If we got a dog we would have to walk it. If we had a cat we have to make sure it doesn't eat birds. If we had a bird we would have to let it out and fly but we couldn’t let it fly away.

The second reason I think we should have a class pet because if some people didn’t have a pet you would know the right things to buy. Or you can also listen to this persuasive speech. So here I go! We would have to buy the right food well obviously if you fed he/she paper they would die or get really, really, sick. You also have to buy a leash and a collar. You would have to buy the bowls that the food and water go in as well as a kennel and a sleeping place. We would have to buy a litter box if we got a cat. We would have to name the class pet without arguing.

The third reason I think we should have a class pet is we would have to buy the animal at a pet store. That would be a good math experience because we would have to add all of the items we bought such as food, accessories, bed, kennel, etc and the cost of the pet. And that’s why we should have a class pet maybe even two to keep the other company-- maybe even a baby a whole family maybe you never know. If we had a class pet, we would have so much fun with it!