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Brand: 美丽心肌肤

It suits all kind of skin types, anyone can use.

Effects: Hydrating, moisturizing, whitening, tighten pores, anti-sensitive, brighten up skin tone, reduce freckles, revitalizing, smooth, translucent.

Let magic climb over your fragile skin, let your skin born again like baby skin. Introducing snail smoothing whitening silk mask. What is the main ingredient? Snail mucus. What is it? It is an external bodily secretion which is produced by snails. Mucus is a gel consisting of a polymer network that functions as a protective layer for the integument and mucosal surfaces of both simple animals and mammals.

The mucus of gastropods is used not only as a coating to cover the surfaces on which the snail crawls and a coating to cover the exposed soft parts of the body, but also sometimes to allow a resting snail to adhere passively to surfaces such as rock, making a temporary sealing structure called the epiphragm. Mucus is produced by glands of the snail’s foot, specifically a large gland located below the mouth. It has many benefits that not only can you find in the mask, there face creams, hand lotions etc.

Small advice

1. The effective of the masks depend on the person skin condition, some people will show results within 1week but others may not.
2. If you think that your skin is very sensitive and not sure if you are suitable to use the mask or not, we suggest that you try to rub bit of the essence behind your ear and wait for at least 5-10mins to see if any redness, itchness appears on you. Stop using if any abnormal reactions happens, immediately consult your doctor.