The Hunters

The truth can not long be hidden. We hunt for freedom, peace, and equality.


The Black Wolf: Symbolizes the strength of the people.

The black stripes represents the darkness ages in which the hunters will liberate its people from.

The two red stripes represent the blood that was shed in order to obtain freedom. As well as the furry that drives the hunters towards equality and peace.  

The White background symbolizes the purity and truth of our cause.


Article I

The name of this country will be Vrijheid Land

Article II

The purpose of this country is to be free, have a happy population and let people express themselves. The reason for its existence is that Reguis Mir was a very corrupt and 2-dimensional government that did not allow for people to express their feelings and emotions. Another purpose for our country is to give ideal education towards the younger population and teach them civil rights and the freedoms that each human should receive when they are born.

Article III

In order to be a citizen of this country, you must simply touch land in this country. People will visit this country for touristic purposes but if people are willing to live in this country, they just need to stay in this country and start making a living.

Article IV

The government will be a democracy. Every human will have a word in the government and the president/leader will be elected through a process of voting but since most people don’t go to the elections, the voting will be held through smart phones. The government will not turn into a dictatorship as there will be checks and balances. There will be 4 branches in government, Judicial, Executive, Legislative and the fourth branch will be in charge to be checking on the other branches in order for none of the branches to become too powerful.

Article V

The responsibility of the government is to insure the welfare of its people. That includes total protection from all environmental and political factors. All that is asked for is the full commitment of its people towards the in acting government power.

Article VI

-Freedom of speech is a law that will be highly enforced.

-No cruel or unusual punishments is a law that will be very highly enforced and if broken it could lead to even death road.

-The right to bear arms is a right that we will give to our citizens but they must first have a permit in order to have a gun/weapon in their possession.

-People are free to enter and leave the political boundaries of the nation as long as proof of citizenship is presented.

-Police Officers or soldiers can not make an unreasonable search on a citizen or a visitor unless a reasonable reason is given and the government allows this. If an unreasonable search was to happen, the officer commanding this search will be fired from its job.

-All citizens of the land possess equal rights within the country and will be giving equal representation in the court of law.

-Citizens will be free but if the government considers a citizen a threat to the country, the congress and the people in law will debate if he/she should be banned from the country. This will only happen in extreme cases and will determined by a judge.

-Honey Badgers are legal to be kept as pets as long as they are registered and tagged.

-All naturalized citizens will be able to and are encouraged to vote in public and political matters. Voters must be at least 16 years of age.

-All citizens must carry proof of citizenship or some type of public identification at all times.

Article VII

Education system

-All children will attend free public educational facilities up to their fifth year of life. Children will then be evaluated in  a series of tests in order to be placed into distinct groups where they will further learn. An enhanced physical education course will be required to continue school after 15 years of age. Exemplary students will granted scholarships to attend military training and education. If a person wishes not to further their education they will be free to chose a job that contributes to the society.

Article VIII

Flag Symbolism

The Black Wolf: Symbolizes the strength of the people.

The black stripes represents the darkness ages in which the hunters will liberate its people from.

The two red stripes represent the blood that was shed in order to obtain freedom. As well as the furry that drives the hunters towards equality and peace.

The White background symbolizes the purity and truth of our cause.

Article IX

Our figurehead will be Wolverine. He is the leader of this rebellion but he is rarely seen by anyone. The Hunters worship Wolverine as he symbolizes rebellion and the blood and violence that will occur during the rebellion times but at the end, we will all be happy.



Van Helsing was a brave human that was the first to rebel again the government of Lord Bebé. He was raised in the poorest part of this country. As he grew, the government noticed that he didn’t think as the average citizen. Van Helsing was born with the mentality of a free world and did not follow the rulings of this country. He hated the government and most of all, their leader, Lord Bebé. As this character grew older and older, he tried to show his beliefs to people in order to start a revolution and named this brotherhood, The Hunters. This revolution occurred about 100 years ago. Van Helsing was shot dead due to the government knowing that he knew all the secrets of their corrupt government but his brotherhood was kept secret. The honey badger was Van Helsing’s favorite animal due to the fact that it can resist any poison and this animal will attack no matter what the situation is. If this animal is hungry, he’ll eat whatever there is, no matter if it is a snake or a rat, he’ll attack that animal just because he is hungry. The people that are part of this rebellion always look at Van Helsing as their ultimate leader and he is just the face of the rebellion. He was said to be able to control Honey Badgers and Wolves when being in trouble but this were just legends that were told from generation to generation. This is why Wolves and Honey Badgers are banned from this country as they portray rebellion against the government. Little kids don’t even know that this animals exist because in school, this animals don’t exist no more. People even say that Van Helsing was just a myth. People think he was not even alive and that all the stories said about him are false but he still holds a revolution that will overthrow the government.


To all the blinded souls under Lord Bebe’s rule, I bring you the truth with great anger. This also is addressed to all hunters of the land. The building called “The Ministry of Love” has been presented toward you as a loving facility filled with carrying party members, where no one is ever hurt or afflicted. I am here to reveal to you that it has all been a lie. In reality the building is used to strike fear and re-educate the citizens of the party. I strive to awaken you from the blinding lies of the party. To start out of nowhere you are ambushed, beaten, and arrested. Prisoners of war, along with people who defy the party are sent to the “Ministry of Love.” There are no carrying people once you have entered. You are placed in compact cells along with as many as 40 other “criminals.” Guards stand post at every corner of the long narrow halls. There are no windows whatsoever and the air is artificially vented in, which explains the metallic aroma of the air. After serving two weeks or so of sleep and food deprivation, you are taken into a slightly bigger room. The room is four walls of colorless white, absolute isolation is placed on each individual. After a month of isolation and moderate food and water, guards enter the rooms and beat the prisoners constantly in and out of consciousness. Sleep is awarded after each session of beatings but once the prisoner has awakened the process repeats itself. When at the brink of death, a representative of the party visits the individual only to collect a confession of all crimes against Lord Bebe. Re-education starts in a completely different part of the building. A huge auditorium is used for the brainwashing of patients. It is there where your greatest fears are used to mentally kill your hatred towards the party. They display the party of offer protection and comfort from those fears. After completing the program they place you in an experimental part of the city to monitor all your actions. Never to see any you had known before.

The hunters and I have revealed to you the truth. Now will you allow the party to manipulate you or will you stand by my side and fight for true freedom?


In our hands we hold the victory power,

but in our hearts we hold the names of the fallen.

The Hunters gave their life for our future,

We give them back our love and follow their structure.

Our love for our country is irrational,

We love our ancestors and hate the old nation.

We shall learn from the past as we proceed in life,

and we shall make our country a better community,

and have the sense of immortality.



By: Miguel Maynez and Ruben Melendez

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