Starbucks Just Banned Its Baristas To Wear Diamond Ring

A new federal food safety guideline states that Starbucks employees cannot wear diamond rings or any other precious gems. The rule which directed towards the safety of its consumer’s states that no wedding or engagement rings is allowed. So is the case with bracelets, wrist bands, watches and piercings. Tattoos are also not encouraged. A wedding band is all that is permitted to wear to work.

There was a major controversy regarding the ban and tweets and protests followed stating it to be a sexist ban but spokespersons had another view. The ban is directed at increasing the food sales and looking at that section more closely. The ban was put forward mostly by local bodies to be safe towards food centric cafes and restaurants.

The ban brought in a lot of chaos amongst the patrons of this reputed coffee brand. A little miscommunication from the media has led to this rumor. The rule was not made my Starbucks. It is simply following the FDA Model Food Code which all state and local jurisdictions follow. It reads “There are safety rules which we have to live by. Here’s the fine print – wearing a ring is okay, if it’s a plain band, no stones. Unfortunately, no watches, bracelets, or wristbands are allowed. Simple necklaces can be worn under your clothes”. It is a “tough to live by” situation and Starbucks has no power to alter it in favor of its baristas. Evidently the diamond ring designs prohibited to be worn is anything that has a diamond on it. A slight blow to all of them who like to show off a bit with the size of the rock.

The Starbucks in Singapore in general too took up the ban and no diamond rings were seen on baristas. Diamond Rings in Singapore have not dropped sales at all even after the ban. Probably fiancés have to gift two rings now, one for work and the big rock for pleasure.

A jeweler in the town of Sterling heights gifted all employees a free tungsten band in protest against the ban. The netizens came up with #boycottstarbucks and it trended for quite some time on Twitter.