Natalie knebel


    Buzz did you hear that sound that’s a bee and if you bother it just start running!  I wouldn't mess with a bee because it has a stinger to sting you with. The female bee only stings people when they think that there in danger. Bees collect pollen and nectar.

Stinger and other body parts

     The bee’s stinger is hooked to the bee’s insides so when they sting and pull away they start to die. The bee has four wings the two front ones are big and the two back ones are small. Bees also have a tongue that they use to collect nectar it’s called a proboscis. Bees also are black and yellow.

Where they live and the different types of bees

       Bees live in a bee hive called a colony they use the pollen and nectar to form there hive. There are different types of bees there are worker bees, queen bees, honey bees, etc. The bees that collect the pollen and nectar make places where they fill with honey. Also some of those honey comb shapes for honey are places where there are baby bees.

Why bees do things that they do and my opinion of them

       Bees are fuzzy cute creatures but then I saw how much damage it can do. It makes the sting look so swollen only because they have poison in there stinger. I’ve kept my distance since then from bees. I’m still fascinated in them still though.

Table of contents

Introduction…… page 1

Stinger and other body parts…page 1

How do they work and where they live……pg 1

Why bees do things they do and my opinion……page 2

unknown words

[Proboscis] It’s a bee’s tongue that collects nectar

[Nectar] Liquid from flowers that bees collect