Brighton Beach Memoirs
                          Omar Martinez

The Great Depression

the great depression started after the stock market crash on October 1929. about 13 to 15 million people in America were unemployed. President Roosevelt was in office at the time. the great depression ended in 1939 wen the WWII started. 

Colleges in the 1930's

                                            The University of Texas at Austin

The tuition back then was $400,that also included the general fee. the room and boards were $520, and the text book were about $35. the main differences of the colleges back then and now is that now they cost more like a lot, but the quality of the education is that it is better now. The mascot is the longhorns.

Back then the cost of the gas 10 cent a gallon,regular food would not go higher then $1.25. Cars back then were about $600 to $700 dollars. The cost of a house back then was of about $7,145.

Stan's Apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim

I am sincerely sorry for my action, in that moment I was not thinking straight when I did that. I actually did what I did because I because I believe that guy did not do anything and because of my principles.

Mr. Stroheim I need the money right now because my dad just lost one of his jobs. My dad and I have to support my family which include 7 people. With the money that my father is making we will never make it.

I would really appreciate it if you take me back. I will be on time ,and do what ever I have to do. I will have more respect for my majors and most importantly, I will be the best employe you've ever had.



The Lion King

The first show of The Lion King on Broadway on Nov. 13, 1997. The tickets start from $92.It is the fifth longest running show in Broadway history.Music for the production, as well as the Disney film, was done by Elton John. The Lion King has been produced in various other countries, including England, Japan, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Personal Review

I think Brighton beach memoirs is a really good book/play. I don't think the book has anything wrong it is totally worth reading / watching. My favorite part was when Stan comes back and gives the photo of the women with out clothing to Eugene, I like that part because of Eugene reaction. My favorite character would be Eugene because I can relate a lot to him.

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