Gary Paulson

By Jacob Perkinson

Born May 17, 1939' Gary Paulson is one of Americas most popular writers for young  people .  

books by gary Paulson

Gary Paulson has wrote many books manly realistic fiction books such as the Brian series (I really loved this series). Here is book one of the series.

Favorite things to Do and hobbies

Gary loves to go sailing out in the ocean. And one of his few hobbies is dog slaying on his home made dogsleds.


In school Gary Paulson couldn't  read and didn't do good in school he even flunked ninth grade and if it weren't for for the librarian at his local library he never would have got to. Be a good reader or student. This also helpt him to become a great writer.


Gary Paulson's most famous quote is " running with dogs is like dancing with winter."

Things that happened to Gary

When Gary was fourteen he ran a way from home and traveled with a carnival, he acquired a taste for adventure. While young gary had a rigorous chore list during the summer on the farm; and jobs such as an engineer,construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver,and sailer. He realized he wanted to become a writer while working as a satellite technician.


on of the mane things that inspired gary Paulson to right survival books an adventure books is due to the time he spent on in a carnival.

Secrets of Gary's life

Gary used to hate to read and right and flunked a grade and had to take ninth grade over again. He didn't have many friends in school. And wasn't very popular.


Who Francis Tucket What he's learning how to shoot his musketWhen early 1600sWhere prairie Why because he just got it for his birth dayHow family got it before they got in the wagon train

Frances Tucket is learning to shoot his musket that he just got for his birth day his family got him this before they left to get on the wagon train that took off in to prairie .

Where he lives

He lives in the Alaska mountain tops.

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