epic summer 2014

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this summer i went to 6 different places.1)Watford,North Dakota.2)Cody,Wyoming.3)Billings,Montana.4)Cheyenne,Wyoming.5)Loveland,Colorado.6)Denver,Colorado.

In Cody,Wyoming me and my brother went to go spend two weeks with my dads side of the family.And we went to the movies,museum,church and to our favorite campsite to visit friends.

In Billings,Montana me and my brother went with my dads part of the family to meet up with my moms part of the family to switch over.we stayed with in billings with my moms part of the family to go to my old house and see my friends.then we picked up one of my grandpas friends that came with us.and we headed off.

In watford,North Dakota i was with my moms part of the family and my aunt and uncle live there so we got to spend time with them too.they had just recently got s trampoline so we jumped on it all the time.we also went down to the city pool. i know a lot of people so it was fun to see them again.i went to a campfire at my aunts friends house and me and my friend lily jumped on their trampoline and we broke some of the springs.

In Cheyenne,Colorado i met my uncles new wife parents and her 6 little sisters and we hung out with them all day.

In loveland ,Colorado we went shopping and hung out with more of my moms side of the family.

In Denver,Colorado i hung out with more family and stayed in an awesome hotel.i went swimming a lot then we got ready for my uncles wedding that was happening so we got ready and then hit the cars.when we got to the wedding we cried in the ceremony then we went and ate then we danced all night.

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