Similarity & Transformations boom!!

Jaylah Wright

Vocabulary you should know

Similar- Two figures are similar if the second can be obtained from the first by  a sequence of transformations  and dilations.

Dilations- The actor or acting of dialating.

What to do and how to do it !

So at the top you will notice a graph with two similar triangles, But They are on opposite sides of the graph they have been Here the axis is shifted, initaly the object is in y axis and after rotation the the y axis is shifted to place of x-axis and the image also rotates with it.

Something to help you remember how to do this type of math is this,  you will now if these figures are similar if the ratio of each side is similar and that really helps me when im doing dilations chastisings


Say for instence you made a Paper triangle like the one at the top when your doing rotation that whole half of that triangle has switched so there are totally diffrent plot point or as I call them hashmarks. When you use hashmarks they really help you when your trying to figure out the number of how many points or ratios numbers anything really.

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