It all started when I was going to lunch

and I everybody was in such a rush.

They ran like animals & pushed like monster

and then BAM BOOM POW the brick wall has made a bloody mess.

My arm has been killed.

My skin was ripped on the brick wall.

The nurse had to come and pick me up..

the running stopped and the starring began.

Everybody blamed it on all different people even though i knew it was all of them.

the pain was terrible.

The nurse kept poking at it and I wanted to punch her.

So when I got back it was recess and everybody was like WOW.

Then I went to class and people wanted to look at it and poke it.

After the whole thing was over I liked it because I was the most talked about person in the

school .

So after that I learned that after something bad comes good.


All was good

because my mom

has just drop me off to dance

and I was only 9 years old

. I walked with smile on face

not know that I would and with a frown on face.

we lined up

and tapped across the floor

and I was behind the biggest girl in the class,

i was 9

and she was 13.

She turned her back to me

and started to tap

and THEN she tapped back

and jumped up high

with the metal of her tap shoe coming down

she scratched my leg

with blood rushing down

her metal has created a bloody mess.

All the sudden

my dance teacher came running over

and picked me up

run out to the dance owner

Kaylee leg has been brutally murdered.

everything was good after that.

I will never forget the day a piece of metal

tried to murder my leg.

I would advise

that if a piece of metal

is coming your way

step away.

The Last Bite

One day I got a call.

When I picked up the phone I said


The person said hi I was wondering is you could play

and then she said it would be at my game if we hung out

I didn’t really want to go because it didnt sound that fun fun

but then

she said and after the game we would go to Jed’s.

All the sudden my mouth was tingling with taste.

Just thinking about the wings in my mouth just made me say


Then i had my mom drop me off

once i got there almost admittedly we left

when we arrived at the game I sat there and waited and waited

till my eyes would fall out

but when it was over I was filled with excitement

when we got to Jed’s we ordered

when are food and drinks arrived

we ate and ate and I refused to stop till I was finished

everybody was done but me and I didn't care.

When I fished it was so sad that i wanted to order MORE.

When we left all I could think about was when the day I went back would come.

I waited and waited and waited for the phone to ring

and say Kaylee will you come to Jed’s with me.

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