Are You Bubbling?

The Crowd Phenomenon

Being everywhere; Can you do it?

All through the internet there is so much noise. How can one person be seen amongst the endless traffic?

Great question. Let's explore!

Crowd Dynamics

People love crowds. Plain and simple. People go where other people are. The more places you can be, the more crowds you will find and be able to influence with your content.


Don't stop at one place. Throw your hat in the ring at all the places and make a name for helping people be better people. Give them what they want, and they will repay the kindness, every time.


  • Twitter
  • Tackk
  • Vine
  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud
  • Youtube

Some of these sites are quite new but some are quite old, at least to the few years the internet has been around. Use them all and you will begin to build your own crowd of people.

Check This Out!

Don't be stopped by limitations anymore.

If you want to find the people, go to where the people are. Do not expect people to give a care about you until you care about them.

Find Them And Help Them!

That's Me! Don't Be Fooled By Clueless Look. I Am Fierce.

The key to all of this is make sure you are actively participating in all the internet has to offer. Don't stop at Bubblews. Keep rolling along to every platform you can. Find the trend and ride the trend.

Care For Others And They Will Care For You.

I really would like to help as many of you as possible. Make sure you contact me with ideas, questions, etc.


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