Our Military Influences

- Carmen Marie

What is Military Influence? How did this effect the Transcontinental railroads?

In the 1800's, railroads were made for transportation making it easier on Americans to travel from  state to state. Making these railroads in territory that wasn't their own was an issue for the Natives and Americans.  Not knowing what to do, the Americans brought in military to help clear out the Natives from their own land.

When there was conflict the military would be called, and instead of riding horses or wagons through the dessert they rode in the box cars making it easier for Americans to conquer land by using military force (Elliott West, "American Indians, and the Transcontinental Railroad"). Take the Nez Perce conflict in central Idaho. The U.S Military used force and strength in numbers to conquer the Nez Perce Indian's land, sending the great Chief Joesph and only 150-200 of his warriors high tailing to Canada. There they received acres of land due to their ancestors. Many  women, children and men were taken prisoner by our soldiers as their fellow warriors abandoned them in battle. The Oregon war in 1851 was a war between the U.S and the Snake Indians. Another forceful  move the U.S needed more land the "Snake's" obviously didn't want to leave there home land! But who would? The Snake's were guilty of provoking the U.S trying to get them to leave their land.

1,762 (Wikipedia, Snakes War) lives were lost those fateful nights so long ago. Losing human lives for transportation for possessions? It's typical... that's the sad part I wouldn't expect nothing less of the U.S or the Native Americans. So I concluded that Military Influences in the 1800's were cruel but intelligent they influenced the railroads by providing the space for the tracks and leading the U.S to victory each war they entered... Railroads are Bittersweet.

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