Panther Pride

To win hard, be persistent, and be selfless!

March 25, 2015

Dear Panther Nation,

What a great day to be a Panther! My family and I are truly blessed to be a part of the great tradition and history of this storied school and community. I want to thank everyone that has welcomed us into the Huntsville family. Your kindness, passion, and enthusiasm for Huntsville football is unrivaled. And that is what makes us great!

So far in the first month, we have been hard at work. Discussions are currently in place to upgrade and expand our weight room as well as the SAC. The weight room is the epicenter of success on Friday night. It is how we build and expand our mental and physical toughness as well as how we handle adversity. It is also how we work as a team and currently, we do not have enough racks or space to work our entire team simultaneously. That needs to change! We are currently looking to add racks and weights to the SAC prior to this summer and hopefully will have a complete upgrade in flooring, racks, and weights by the beginning of 2016.

We are also looking into remodeling and rearranging space in the SAC. Our plans are to relocate our freshman, redesign our position meeting rooms, and to upgrade our locker room. We are very excited about the ideas that have been discussed thus far and are looking forward to the changes that will be made.

Our coaching staff has been hard at work in preparing for spring practice. They have been working and pushing our athletes in the weight room, planning for our upcoming position meetings, and organizing and preparing for our nine spring practice dates. I am excited about seeing the results of the hard work, both physically and mentally, that our athletes have put in this offseason.

With all of that being said, our job is to create a culture in which our athletes can't live without. We are in the kid business: our job is to teach, discipline, and most importantly, love your son. Our athletes will learn how to 'win today'. They will understand the significance of working hard, being persistent, and being selfless. These are lessons that we believe are vital to success on Friday night, but are crucial to success in life.

As we move forward, we hope you see the excitement that we are beginning to create at Huntsville High. Our weight room sessions, conditioning sessions, and practice sessions will be planned and executed at a super fast pace. There will be competitions at every corner. There will be hard work; work and pain that your son has not experienced yet. But there will be fun. And there will be success!

Please be aware of our upcoming parent meeting in April and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Again, I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of this great and storied program and how ready I am to make Huntsville High into what it expects and deserves to be.

Go Big Red!

Coach Woodfin

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