Career Portals

session 1

What we did was right something about what was going on that day. After we wrote it we made a video of what we wrote. When you are done with the video you upload it to the computer.

Session 2

We used the Movie edit pro software to add a opening and closing to our video. The way we added the opening and closing is by selecting them within the software. After that we added sound by selected the sound and positioned it in the proper place. When we were done we exported what we did as a video.

session 3

We made a storyboard for a PSA (public service announcement). First we chose a topic. The one we chose was smoking. After that we made the storyboard.

Session 4

In session 4 we learned about how communications over satellite works. We also started recording our PSA. After we finished recording we started editing it.

Session 5

What we did in session 5 was look over commercials. The ones we looked at were Pepsi and a made up one about fast food. After we looked at the commercials we decided if we wanted to make a commercial of burger barn, Syd's CD city, or Vacations and more. Then we started writing what the commercial was going to be.

Session 6

In session 6 we learned about video. We went over the major accomplishments in video for every 10 years from 1910. After that we started editing our commercial.

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