Concentration Camps

Hitler and the concentration and death camps- Many camps were created by Hitler and the Nazi party to confine, change, and/or exterminate millions of innocent men, women, and children where unforgettable things were experienced.

The main type of camps wee concentration camps. Germany established concentration camps to detain political opponents of the regime, including German Communists, Socialists, trade unionists, and others from left and liberal political circles. They were put to work, lived in terrible conditions, and often starved to death. In these camps, gas chambers were the harsh reality of thousands upon thousands of deaths. The bodies were later burned in large ovens or put in piles of hundreds then set on fire. The first camps were established shortly after Hitler became chancellor in 1933. Camps all over Germany began to surface. German soldiers commanded, administered, and guarded the concentration camps. They had no problem using force or aggressive behavior to discipline or keep the members of the camp in line. The truth about what was going on in the concentration camps was not to be told by any German soldier. They were sworn to secrecy. Once in the camps everyone clothing, names, personality, and life were taken away from. The germans dehumanized them by giving them numbers instead of names so they were easily identifiable. The things that went on were less than pleasant and unbearable.

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