My Favorite Season

By: Connor Baxley

    My Favorite Season

My favorite season smells like pumpkins and spices that are delightful. This season is my favorite season because you play a well known sport in it. This season smells good to me because when I was a little kid I would only want to go and play outside in the season, so I got used to the smell.

My favorites season looks like leaves blowing in the air. Only a couple leaves are on each tree. A little bit of wind, just enough to blow leaves off of the trees. This season kind of reminds me of when I was a little kid and there was this show and in the show there was little critters that surfed on the air.

In my favorites season you hear a slight whistle from the wind blowing in your ears. You also hear a lot of cheering on Friday nights when you get close to cities or even small towns.

In this season you eat foods like pecan pie, and mashed potatoes, my favorite. You also sometimes eat turkey or ham. You get together with your families in this season and you eat foods like the ones listed above.

This season makes me feel very warm and very welcoming to anywhere I want to go. I notice that people are more respectful and kind around this season, More than other ones.

The weather in this season is kind of gray, and it is breezy. Leaves blowing in the air. very cool outside.

People describe my season calm, welcoming, and beautiful. They call my season that because in this season everybody likes to be outside, even though allergies are bad.

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