Young Girls
By: Janaesha Moore

This goes out to all the young girls out there boys are not everything theres nothing wrong with being yourself and liking boys to you are 35 or even younger but you have got to find the boy that cares for you and never judge you for anything you do that's the boy you should be with me I don't like boys for what they look like i like boys for their good personality because i want  guy that can put my cold hands in his warm hoodie pockets i want a guy that i can count on and i learned this from my mom theres never a day that i cant talk to my mom and dad about something but hey if you don't want to talk to dad talk to mom she has all the answer's to you're questions she was once a little girl to and she can help you. Theres never nothing wrong with being to your self i am always to my self and i still have friends i mean i go home at 3:00 now sence they added the 30 extra minutes to nrms school i am in the 6 grade writing my own websites i write because i learn i make good grades never made lower than a c on my report card and i am always in iss i think it's because i try to be like every body else but its working but like i said i like to be to myself im not saying you cant have a boyfriend because there was this one boy i knew for 5-9 years and i never thought we would go out but when we did i couldn't be happier he was there to all my problems and he was my cousin cousin and me n him weren't cousins and i always thought we would be forever but we weren't and i was ok with that and me n the boy still talk still hang out nothing could be better and yes i had to talk to mom because mom's are everything if my mom couldn't be there i talked to my counselor Ms.StrayHorn or Ms.Weeks and they helped so never be afraid to go to anybody.

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