Map of North Korean prison camp

North Korea prison camps

The United Nations human rights investigations found inmates in North Korea prison camps suffered starvation, torture, and other unspeakably atrocities. United Nation report on violations in North Korea came after pressure by Japan, South Korea and Western powers to investigate and build a case for possible criminal prosecution. Two former inmates testified to the U.N. common inquiry in Seoul, South Korea. Commission intends to interviews 30 North Korean defectors over 5 days in a lecture hall at Yonsei University. The countries leader, Kim Jong-un demonstrated little interest in veering from the aggressive and horrible camp conditions.

Kim Jong-un in the middle

North Korean prisons are exactly like the Nazi concentration camps. Prisoners who tried to escape were dragged back to the prison camp, tied behind a truck and later was left tied om the truck covered in blood. The next day they are sentenced to execution.  Former defector and prisoner, Jee Heon-a said prisoners often resorted to eating salted frogs in an effort to stave off extreme hunger. She also recalled seeing a mother ordered to kill her own baby by drowning it in the water. All prisoners such as woman and children and males are being affected by the inhuman conditions of the prison camps.

The first prison rule of North Korean regime is that the prisoners are never told what their crimes are. Prison officials are taught to be cruel. Prisoners are ordered to kneel down, open their mouths and prison officials spit in their mouths, anyone who gagged was brutally beaten.

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