Inheritance part 3


I have inherited my family tradition of shamanism.

1. My family are shaman. When there's something important like someone that's really sick, see's stuff, or is going out of country we would do spirit calling. There will always have to be a pig or chicken getting involve with the spirit calling.

2. My inheritance is really traditional. We have been following this tradition for years now. It's getting pass down from my mom and dad side.

3. What's important about my inheritance is that we can only have one religion and my parents choose to be shaman instead of Christian. We can't get married to anyone that have a different religion because we would have to change our religion too.

4. Something I want to know about my own inheritance. Why does it have to be past down and why can't we choose what we want to believe in? Why are they forcing us to do things that we don't want to do? Why can't we marry someone out of our own religion?