Industrial Revolution

My Invention: The Plane

Time It Was Invented

The Airplane or Plane was invented on December 17, 1903 by Wilbur and Orville Wright or as some people call them the Wright Brothers.

What It Is and What It Was Used For

The Plane was an Aircraft that can stay airborne because of thrust and is driven by propellers and jet propulsion. The Airplanes purpose is to carry cargo and/or people to other places either overseas or on the same continent.

Positive and Negative Effects

Positive: We (people) can ship goods and travel aboard airplanes to other countries and continents.

Negative: The Airplane can pollut the earth with gas from their engines and it costs a lot of money to build an airplane.

How It Works

There are two forces that work against the flight of an airplane: Drag and Gravity. A wing of a plane has to be desighned not only to produce lift, but also minimize the friction with passing air, which causes drag.

Todays Version

Todays version of the airplane is very much the same, the same pros and cons and the same physics.

Essential Question

Q: What impact did the advance in technology (your invention) have on the conflict between the Northern and the Southern parts of the United States?

A: The airplane made it so that people could secretly travel to the other sides of the states with a slim chance of being caught, which most people of the other parts would most likely not want to happen.

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