Comunidade 2: Bordertown

My Experience:

For this comunidade I chose to watch the movie "Bordertown".  It was about a journalist who had to investigate a number of murders of Mexican factory workers around the El Paso Juarez area. I Enjoyed the movie very much and it gave some very good insight into cultural and cross-border issues that go on in my own state and country.

What I Learned:

The main thing that I learned from this movie is that immigration, especially illegal immigration, is not an easy problem to solve. and often times many crimes and various illegalities surround this issue of immigration. issues like these are often very difficult to resolve. i also learned how hard it is for the government to monitor these types of issues on a daily basis.

How I Can Apply What I Learned:

I will be able to apply the lesson i learned from this movie that there are may struggles that exist in areas where illegal immigration occurs. i will now be able to have much more respect for the people who try to alleviate these problems every day to ensure that everybody can have a much safer life.

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