Creating / Reflecting
with Interactive White Boards (2 Tools)

Interactive White Boards are fantastic ways to create instructional videos, facilitate inquiry and collaborate.

Educreations and Explain Everything are two popular Interactive White Boards that are currently being used in Peel!

Tool 1:
Explain Everything

Explain Everything is able to record videos, take pictures, import documents, ink annotate AND record voice overs. Of the many features of Explain Everything, one of the most notable (and important to educators) is the ability to export videos to specific places. Educators and students are able to export their videos directly to the device they are using, directly to YouTube (as a private, unlisted, or public video) , to DropBox, EverNote and OneDrive (among others!)

How could one use Explain Everything for Inquiry?

Use Explain Everything to:

- Show an image and have students record / ink their opinions and thoughts. Use this artifact as a reflection tool later on by having them review their video and use the prompts, "I used to think....  Now I know"

- Have students critically analyze political cartoons

Tool 2:

Whereas Explain Everything is a paid app, EduCreations is completely free!

EduCreations has almost all the features of Explain Everything except for  video recording, video annotation and website browsing. EduCreations does not produce video files, but places creations on the EduCreations website, where they can be viewed and shared privately, or publically

How does using Interactive White Boards link to "IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning"?

p. 54: 3.4 - How can I use questions to help my students analyze their thinking?

Inquiry inherently promotes metacognition, but the linkage to thinking about thinking may be made explicit using interactive white board apps


On EduCreations or Explain Everything, have students create slides with key questions (pp. 55-57). Before recording, have students develop their answers. While recording, have each student offer their thoughts in 15 seconds. Along with a product you and your students may review, this activity demonstrates how parsimonious communication can be used to eloquently describe seemingly complex problems and to precipitate key points of information.