The Columbian Exchange

Language was one of the things that came from the Old World to the New World. People speak all kinds of  different languages, because of the Old World  the had took over and made people speak their language which was Spanish. This had an impact on the world, because now people speak different languages.

Tomatoes was one too. They had came from the Old World to the New World.  If we didn't have tomatoes today Italy wouldn't have their pasta or sauce, because they make the sauce and pasta out of tomatoes.

Cocoa came from the New World.  The new world had made this and traded it with the Old World for them to get other things. If we didn't have Cocoa today we wouldn't have chocolate.

Malaria was brought from the New World. its when you get bit by mosquitoes and they start  to spread around your body. They impact today's world, because if you get this you get sick and you would die.

Horses, they also came from the Old World. Horses could be eaten, rode, and just as animals. They help us get places and without them coming from the Old World, we wouldn't have them today.

The Columbian Exchange was when the old world and the new world would trade things. The would trade food, animals, plants and other things. The new world was North America and South America, and the old world is Europe, Asia, and Africa.