The hormone resistin links obesity to diabetes

5 facts:

Fact 1:diabetes mellitus is a disease that includes complications and cause problems such as heart disease,stroke,kidney failure,blindness and nerve damage

Fact 2:type 2 diabetes is a target tissue resistance to insulin and is also strongly associated with obesity

Fact 3:what causes the resistance is the adipocytes which has a secret and unique technique which is signaling molecule,which has been named resistin(for resistance to insulin)

Fact 4:but the resistin is reduced due to anti-biotic medicine called rosiglitazone.

Fact 5:the rosiglitazone also shows genetic forms of obesity so it basically increases obesity

Statistic:Of the people diagnosed with type II diabetes, about 80 to 90 percent are also diagnosed as obese.

November 15,2000

Authors:clarie m.steppan

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