Forest Animals

By: Ariana

Black Bears

Did you know that Black Bears eat fish,nuts,berries, and honey.They also use their front paws or their big jaws to grab there prey. Black Bears can also swim this helps them grab fish. Black Bears make dens in trees,in caves,or in holes they dig. This is were they hibernate.


Deer are fast yet quite animals. They can run up to 30 miles per hour! they love to munch on plants. Deer are prey to some animals. But they are not easily spotted by there enemies. Because of their brown and white coat.


Foxes are great hunters. They hunt small animals like rabbits, birds, and mice. Foxes also eat many other forest animals like beetles ,worms, and frogs. Foxes in dens some foxes make dens out of empty rabbit burrows.Others use spaces under tree roots or rocks.