The Young Elites is a about a girl named Adelina Amoutera who is a survivor of the blood fever. The blood fever swept through her city of Dalia, it kills all adults and only children can survive it. The blood fever has very strange side effects or what people call marks. Adelinas side affect is that her hair and eyelashes are white and change color ever so slightly. One  night when she tries to run away from her father and she accidentally kills him, but not the normal way. There is a society of survivors that have come to learn that they have strange powers. Adelina is now one of the powerful. She is caught the night she kills her father and is taken prisoner for several weeks. The society saves her right before she is burned at the stake. They take her in and start to train her as there own. ( which I have to say is a very bad idea) They start to notice that she has a darkness inside her, but don't worry about it because they think they can rid that darkness from her. All the while Adelina is being blackmailed by that worlds "head of police" into giving them information about the society. They are using her sister Violetta  as black mail material. As the story continues on Adelina continues to get hurt and used. When she accidentally kills the head of the society and the one she loves,  the society casts her out and she vows to get revenge.This is only the first book and can't wait to read the second.

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3 years ago

Sounds intense! Thanks for sharing. You can add this to your bonus $$ log :)