Quick question for you

Quick Question for you.

And please do me a favor and share this around to see if your friends have any great ideas.

I'm looking for a career that can meet the following criteria:
- You have to be able to start it for a total of $10,000 or less, including education and training

- You have to be able to begin without a college degree or previous experience

- You have to be able to do it part-time, at least to start

- You must be able to cover your initial investment and make a profit in your first year (so long as you work hard)

- You must be able to eventually earn a full-time income within 3-5 years

- There must be the possibility to earn a six figure or even seven figure annual income within the first 7 years if you devote yourself to learning the skills necessary to grow the business

- A good portion of your income (over 50%) must be residual. In other words, you must be able to continue to earn... month after month... for work you did in the past

Any suggestions?

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