Does America Really Care?

The article called “Does America Really Care?” published by Maclean’s shows us an interesting point in which even though celebrities is advocating by twitter about of the more than 200 stolen and enslaved Nigerian schoolgirls, US is not worried over it.

On April 14th, a radical Islamist movement Boko Haram invaded a boarding school in the village of Chibok in Borno State in northern Nigeria, and kidnapped over 200 girls. After that, a global campaign was launched to save these girls with slogan “Bring back our girls”. Among people who participate of it are some celebrities such Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, David Cameron.

The funny part of all, Boko Haran group have done others atrocities like the “slighting of 59 schoolboys, cutting their throats and burning them to death inside the school” (PETROU, 2014). No one did a campaign to remember this fact. For you have an idea, Amnesty International estimates that over 1500 people died in the first three months of 2014 due to Boko Haran. Whether or not a campaign was launched for those cases, celebrities’ attitude is more than commendable. The biggest issue is so far Nigeria’s International allies only have promised to help Nigeria tracks the stolen girls. Therefore, after rescue or not them, the group Boko Haran will still be free to continue stealing and killing people all over Nigeria.

A few countries think that situation is not so worrying. In addition, “US will be dispatching a team of 27 military, law enforcement and diplomatic officials to help to look for the missing girls. Britain also sent a mixed team of intelligence agency” (PETROU, 2014). In both examples, these troops work just as an advisory capacity. Another thing is Nigerian military to combat Boko Haran are getting into villages and killing anybody there that they think is associated with Boko Haran. Many civilians are scared by both Boko Haran and army.

Lastly, even celebrities trying to help, Western governments don’t think that Boko Haran is a true threat to them. And the aid sent by them just try to rescue the girls. Medical says you have to end with the cause of a disease and not just finish with the symptoms because if you do that the problem will be still affecting you. This is exactly what is happening in Nigeria.

Petrou, Michael. "Does America really care?" Maclean's 2 June 2014: pp 25-27. Academic OneFile. Web. 13 June 2014