The Futures Past

By: Isaiah Suarez

"Boom!" The explosion of the mine messing up my hearing. As I stumble back to my feet, my ears are ringing loudly. The ringing was so intense I could not her the Germans that were running toward me. I see my fallen friends laying there so silent. The sight frightened me, Just a few minutes ago I was walking with them all playing and joking around. We were suppose to be on an abandoned front. Nothing was suppose to be here I thought we had dug up all the mines. This isn't right I haven't known any of the troops long, but I feel that they were good people and they were my friends. Then I notice that there were other men dead on the front too. Laying there in random positions, wearing their beige uniforms. With no kind of expression on their blank faces. When I regain my focus I am quickly grabbed by troops of Germany. I am ordered to my knees. I then take a blow to the head, this knocked me out. I wake upon enemy territory, frightened by the man that had begun to yell at me. I sweep the man off of his feet and hit him in the head with a nearby rock. I survey the area well before moving on with my escape. I walk out of the tiny shack, on the outskirts of the base. It seems as if I have been knocked out for days. All I knew at the moment was I was somewhere in Germany. I then stopped for a minute to think, I question my self. " How did I get to the time of World War 1? It was just yesterday I was sitting in my chair next Mrs. Burton's desk." I then move swiftly not to alert any guards. In was going to attempt to escape the base and then find my way home. On the other side of the base next to a garage was a utility closet. I move slow and steadily over there to not be noticed. In the utility closet was buckets of tools and spare car part. This must be the things they use to repair their vehicles. Something caught the corner of my eye, it was a pair of pliers. I could use they to cut the fence and make a escape. I went quickly and cut a small hole in the fence, I then crawled out. I began to run away from the base, but I was spotted by a watch tower. They began to shoot at me, but it was to late i was off in the distance no where to be found. I had escaped successfully for captivity. Something shinny glimmered in the distance, it looked as if it where the thing I was playing with in Mrs. Burton's class. I ran as fast as I can to it, just in case the German were on my tail. I wanted to get out of there as quickly as humanly possible. When I picked it up it all came together. This was the device that got me hear and it will get me home. It looked very difficult to operate. There was probably about 100 buttons to press on the controller like device. It was blue with white buttons, and had no words telling you what they each mean. On the top of the controller was a screen like part that said things on it when I pressed the buttons. After hours of playing with it I notice that you can set a date or a time period, I set the time back to present day and made my way home. After making it safely home I told all my classmates what had happened in my World War 1 experience.

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