Stupid Rock

dirty, over-sized, unloved, hunk’uh stupid gray rock

keeping me from leaving

and I could leave

but the dang rock is in the way,

hiding someone

someone I love

or someone I loved

can’t love a dead person

so I can’t leave

not until I’m done with my game of hide and seek

he’s really good at hiding

and this stupid rock keeps getting in the way

with it’s fake name

and date

and bouquets of dead flowers

like him

I don’t like this rock

it really is quite rude

won’t move out of the way

to let me find him

‘cause I know he’s here

under the rock

personally I think he’s cheating

your not allowed to hide underground

how could I ever find him there

a train whistles past

he’s never liked trains

I wonder why he hid here

right next to a mammoth train

the rock doesn’t care though

it just sits there

still hiding him

somethings hurting my eye

a claw pressing harder and harder

making everything blurry

I’m too tired to brush it away

so tired

I collapse to the ground

too sleepy to stand

and the claw hurts really bad

there's something salty on my lips

I push at the rock

it doesn’t budge

stupid rock

stupid game


I’m screaming at the rock

my hands are scraping at the dirt

I know he’s here

he’s under the rock

that jerk

how did he get under there anyways

couldn’t have done it on his own

remember he got sick

and he couldn’t move anymore

and then he went to sleep

and a lot of people wanted to wake him up

mommy was screaming

screaming at him

like I’m screaming at the rock

I think that people made the hole for him

I remember

they put him in a box

and stuck the box in the hole

the dank, chilled, arid,… stupid hole

I wanted to see him go into the hole

but momma was screaming

so I couldn’t

thats why I know hes under the rock

because they put a clue to help me find him

the stupid rock

they stuck the stupid rock on top of him

but now it won’t move out of the way

someones pulling me back

I don’t know who

I don’t care

I’ve almost found him anyways

but someones pulling me off the ground

dragging me away

oh well, hide and seek was getting boring anyways

I throw my handful of dirt back

and kick it at the rock

stupid rock

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2 years ago

slow clapping *Starts to speed up* Single tear runs down face Seriously Lupe this was really good!

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2 years ago

This was seriously amazing, the word choice really sounded like you. Bravo my friend ^^

2 years ago

Oh my.....that was truly incredible! Real tears for this one!!!

2 years ago

Holy cow! That's all I can say. This is amazing!

2 years ago

thanks guys, and thanks for the votes that was awesome!