Sports and entertainment final project

Nathan Chinander

This poster is great for a movie poster as it shows a very big picture that will catch people eyes. The poster gives us the title of the movie very clearly and the release date. The guy in the poster is very happy as he is in outer space with a space craft and stars in the background. There is also sparks in the back from welding the aircraft. The movie poster draws attention from the bright colors and the large images. The Lego movie is in bold text for people to see what the title of the movie is. The background makes it for people to want to view the movie and see what is going to happen in this scene. The poster shows a main character that shows he is in outer space. I like this movie poster from all of the bright colors and the big Lego guy.

Movie Trailer

This trailer makes people want to see the movie as it shows a little bit before the climax is about happen. Optimus Prime was shot by the other transformer and it looks as if he is gonna die. The trailer shows that the movie is intense, and an action movie for people to see. It shows the main characters like Optimus Prime and Mark Wahlberg. The trailer shows a little bit of the plot, but not the whole story. The Auto bots are fighting the Decepticons and are fighting each other to rule the planet. The trailer leaves you wandering what will happen next in the movie, the only way to see the rest would be to go to the actual movie. I really like this trailer since their are so much action and a lot of parts of the movie are shown.

Top 3 marketing strategie

I believe the top strategy for marketing would be having trailers and TV commercials. Having these is great because of all of the viewers watching TV will be able to see the trailer for the movie. This would get more people to be aware of the movie and see a glimpse of the movie and what it is about. The trailer on the commercial makes people want to see more of the movie. Another great strategy is to have a movie website. A movie website

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