Salvation Army Children's Shelter

An organization that gives children going through unimaginably hard times a home.

A two year old child stands barefooted watching its home smolder in flames. A girl who couldn't be more than six cries because her parents refuse to feed her AGAIN. These things and more happen every day, every time you see the sunrise means another day of fighting to just live the way we do begins for millions of children. 1.6 million children are homeless in the USA alone. A saddening 3 million cases of child abuse are reported each year in the USA as well. I believe people should volunteer at Salvation Army Children's shelter because it provides a warm, caring home for child victims of disastrous situations that do not allow them to live at home, it gives mentoring services for the children who live at the shelter and the children's families, there are fun outings to help the most likely despondent children have fun and smile again, and it gives out hope.


                                                         IT PROVIDES A HOME              

Everyone should volunteer at the Salvation Army Children's Shelter because it has provided a safe, out of harms way, caring home for over 7,200 kids unable to remain in their homes because of abuse, neglect, and family crisis, among other terrible situations.

                                          MENTORING AND RECREATION                                                      

Additionally, everybody should volunteer at Salvation Army Children’s Shelter because it gives much needed mentoring to the children at the shelter and their families. In some cases that can completely swallow up the problem and let the child go home again. Plus there are fun recreational outings to lift the kid's spirits, and let them fly away from their stressing problems. They must feel like a heavy weight is resting on their shoulders, and the outings lift those weights and let them just be kids.


Finally, it gives them more than just a house. It gives them more than basic needs. It gives them love and hope. Imagine being a young child separated from your parents. You would be in a huge need of hope and love.  That's why Salvation Army Children's Shelter is so crucial to a huge number of children.
You can help eliminate child abuse and homelessness by volunteering at Salvation Army Children's Shelter. Come and change the world with the Salvation Army Children's Shelter. You might not’ve flashed away all the world’s problems, but you can make a difference in somebody’s life, and that’s all that matters.

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2 years ago

😱 It is very sad what happens to these kids.