Andrii K. My Daily Life

Morning. The hardest part of my day because I always fall asleep at about 12 p.m. or even at 1 a.m. Awaking for me is like a fight between me and a slumber... sometimes I lose myself, so occasionaly I am late for school, but it happens very rarely. After waking up I have a very nourishing breakfast. I love food and if I don't eat anything for 3 hours my stomach starts crying...and so do I. If I am lucky to have 10 minutes before going out to school, I take a morning shower which gives me some energy for another hard day at school.

That's my school ( "Troeshchyna" Gymnasium)

School. Going to school on Monday I already wait for Friday. 11th grade is the hardest school year of course. My theachers don't really like me because of my behavior. And that's why 11th grade for my is even harder than it is in fact. The only subjects I like are Math, Physics and English. Respectively, I have good marks for those. Going to school I meet my girlfriend Irina and the rest of the way we spend together. On Tuesday and Friday I go to the gym after school. On other days I immediately go home.

Afterschool time (Paradise time). Coming home for me is like a sip of cold water on a hot summer day. I take a half-hour shower to relax and to think a little bit about being a human .. but not a lot. Then I go to my kitchen, where something odorous is waiting for me. My granny is a very good cook. Every day she makes me happy with her new dish. I could say that after hearty lunch I do my homework, but it's not the truth. First I have to spend some time playing computer games, watching new episodes of "The Simpsons" or listening to music. I have to say that music is very important in my daily life. Music simply makes my mood. Consequently, my homework takes a back seat. I can waste about 4 hours doing "nothing".

10 p.m. I decide to do some homework. I'm tired. I want to go to bed. At 11 p.m. my homework is done particulary. I go to my favourite place in my flat - kitchen. I drink tea and eat something sweet or something fatty and tasty. At half past 12 I pack my school bag and go to bed. In bed I can surf a bit on the internet in my smartphone and then only fall asleep.

My Saturday is not a day off because I have courses in KPI. Saturday is harder than a school day. I have to wake up at 8 a.m. and ride to the centre of our Kyiv-city. Every Saturday morning it's a big time rush. In the university we have 2 hours of Math and then without any break we have 2 hours of Physics. Very hard.

I'm free and I can do whatever I want. If it's warm outside I can play football with my friends or hang out somewhere in the centre of Kyiv. But if it's cold we can go to the cinema or meet at my appartment and play texas holdem. In winter me and my friends allways go outside to play snowballs.

Thanks for attention.

Kyiv, 2015