the tenth planet

"Fzzt,Fzzt,Clink!" An 8 year old boy named David finally finished his rocket, And all he needed was some dishwasher soap, And some water. David got that and ready to go! "Bye!" David said to his parents."Whoosh!" His rocket flew off while David was drinking his apple juice. "Beep, Beep!" The pilot screen read: Now one mile out of solar system. That was just what David wanted. He turned off the rocket engines, And just sat there in his chair! isn't that Silly? Anyways, in last year's winter break David had a dream: To go one mile out of our solar system. you can't that! But i guess David can :] A few weeks later, [witch is now] ent into deep space! It is very cold in deep space, So David turned on the heater. But there's no heater in space! "Beep, Beep" The pilot screen read: detecting large mass of rock.e planet?", said David, with curiousness. Then the pilot screen read: Crash landing. After a few minutes it was over. David went to the main building. "DUDE, DUDEDE KNIGHT!!!!!!!", said Dude-king, summoning Dude-knight. "you needed me?", said Dude knight. "yes.", said Dude-king. Dude-knight's armor rattled as he walked. it seems the human forgot his place.", said Dude-king. "but i don't want to go home yet.", said David. "you have to", said Dud knight,David went home and he had a good time. [it was taco Tuesday.]

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