In the mid 1800s more than 4 million people immigrated to America. More than 3 million of the immigrants were either Germany or Ireland. Many immigrants came from Ireland because of the Irish potato famine which left many families starving. More than 1 million people died from starvation. Most German immigrants came to escape government prosecution because of the failed German Revolution of 1848. The Germans were mostly made up of farmers that ended up moving out west into more rural areas with lots of land. With all of the Immigrants coming and taking jobs the native born citizens started to worry about losing their jobs to immigrants that would work for smaller wages. The Americans that opposed immigration were called the Nativists. In the 1840s and 50s the nativists became more politically active. In 1849 the Nativists formed an actual political party called the Know nothing party. This party supported measures to make it harder for immigrants to become citizens and hold a position in office. Later the party fell apart due to a disagreement regarding slavery. Many new jobs were created in big cities and with the help of the transportation revolution it helped connect cities together. By the mid 1800s two thirds of the manufacturing industry were in big citys. With the rise of industry people that owned stores became more rich while the people working for them created their own class called the middle class. The class was in between the poor and the rich. With the growth of cities housing got limited. With the lack of good public transportation people needed to live within walking distance of their houses. Since most people were not very wealthy they were forced to live in tenements which were over crowed dirty apartment building that were not designed safe and well. Public services were poor with no clean water.

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