Ethan: Abducted at age 7 and found his family 9 years later. Falls in love with his best friend (Cami).

Cami: Ethan's BFF and girlfriend.

Blake: Ethan's brother, who doesn't like him because he believes it isn't the real Ethan.

Gracie: Ethan's little sister, who didn't like him at first but now appreciates him.

Mama: Ethan's mom,  who does anything Ethan says.

Dad: Ethan's dad, who doesn't like the stuff Ethan does.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:.................

Lisa Mcmann was born on February 27, 1968. She was born in Holland, Michigan, but now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Calvin College in 1990.

Other books: Wake, Fade, and Gone (trilogy). Crash, Bang, and Gasp (trilogy).Cryers Cross. And much more......

Her first book, wake, launched on New York Times Best Seller list for children chapter books. Some nominations she has gotten is the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Middle Grade & Children's, and Goodreads Choice Awards Best Goodreads Author. The genre she writes about is Young Adult Fantasy.



This is similar to my life because it deals with a person that goes through tough times and sometimes just gives up even though you can get through them really quick.

This event has never happened to me before but that doesn't mean it wont happen in the future.

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