Key West
Blake Warren 4/15/14

I Journey on my way

To an old golden paradise

Where the Southernmost Point lies

An exciting trip indeed

The streets lined with palm trees

The ocean turquoise and clear

Roosters crow annoyingly

History of famous people and treasures of ships lie here

Jet skiing, the first adventure

Choppy sea

Jumping waves

Navy seals parachute down

Fighter planes fly by

Saltwater stings my eyes

Next, fishing on the open sea

A tickle on my line

Yellow tail snapper, a red grouper also

Caught and to be eaten

Hemingway's house

Overrun by six-toes cats

They peek between shelves of books

Sleeping on untouchable furniture

Snorkeling on the coral reef

A mystifying shipwreck at the bottom

Schools of yellow fish gliding by

A jellyfish, a puffer fish

I hope I don't see a shark!

Key West, sunset island

The island of happiness

I must go back

Another day.

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