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six essential questions What is wind? Wind is air in motion. Wind is made when a cold front meets a warm front. What is a sea breeze? A sea breeze is the cool air that lowers and takes the place of the warm air that is on the land. Then the warm air rises into the atmosphere. What is a land breeze? A land breeze takes place at night when the air cools faster than the ocean. A land breeze is the air above the water. The water heats the air and makes it rise and switches places of the air in the sky. What is the jet stream? The jet stream is the flow of air from the west to the east. The jet stream is like a river of air about 12 kilometers above the surface of the earth. What are global wind patterns? When the equator receives the suns rays directly the warm air rises and leaves low air pressure behind. When the air gets high enough, it cools and sinks back down to the equator.. What are prevailing westerlies? Prevailing westerlies are the winds that point to the poles and curve to the east. They are called this because they are coming from the west. These make many of the weather movements across the United States and Canada.

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