Exploring how cities with heavy industry treat to their environment in Chicago and Shenyang(China).

Shenyang, a city in North East China, it is the largest city in Liaoning Province,  it contains 8.1 millions of citizens. As we know Shenyang became a industry city in China since 1930s, after People's republic of China established, Shenyang became a heavy industry city in China. The GDP of Shenyang higher than most cities in China.


According the data from internet, Shenyang is a city with 21 profitable mineral reserves including coal, oil, gas, and iron ore, Shenyang ranks first in Liaoning province in terms of natural resources. Moreover, the Chinese government's recent efforts to revitalize northeastern China has afforded Shenyang with rapid development and the city now boasts one of the fastest growing software and automotive sectors in the country. There are now 800 research institutes, 30 colleges and universities, 550,000 technical professionals.

All the data above, clearly show the heavy industry in Shenyang. Shenyang's situation it is getting better an better now. One of the workers from industry factory said, every morning when he went to factory, there were all the workers riding bikes in the street. Here we can see how many workers were working for industry factory. Now day, Shenyang is not a "Industry prison", people there life is getting better. Although the air pollution problem is getting better compare with before, but compare with other cities in China, it is worst then most of cities.

As the diagram shows above, Shenyang's air pollution has improve a lot from 1996 to 2003. Now is getting better. I have interview one of my friend who is studying in Shenyang. He has been there for 4 years already. He said, compare with Shenyang, Hangzhou's pollution even is not pollution, much more better than Shenyang. He said, in Shenyang, when you are driving car, if you open the windows, after you stop your car, you can clearly see there are lots of dust there.

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