When I grow up I want to be a dentist.Here is what I have learn about being a dentist.

Dentist Facts: Some dentist  get around 149,310 per a year . It take 4 year to be a bachelor degree and 8 year to be a master degree. Some dentist have to go to far away to get they a appointment. Some dentist have assistants to help and others don't.

Interesting Facts about Dentist :

1.  Some dentist have to go all over the world to get they appointment.

2.  Some time people drink 3 cups of soda a day, they have 71% of sugar in they mouth.

3. Some place you can get over $149,310 per a year.

Why I choose this job: Is because I like to help people. I want people to have a smile on they people face. I want people to be happy.

Websites I use for my research