We have to do bell work in the morning and it was about how a beagle won at the Westminster dog show and that was cool because it doesn't happen often.

We made Poems when we came back and instead of making a happy poem we were told to make the poem as gloomy as possible we made it on book creator but you see that is in pic collage.

We all got in same groups to make a trap for the monster we made the traps that took time. We also made videos to show how to trap them and what the traps look like. We made instructions.

We had a guest speaker so we read the book that he wrote summer and shiner  and after each chapter we made a summary of it so when he came we were ready so we could go back to it when he comes.

We read about different building and then we answer questions about the the buildings that are feats and failures.

For math we had to put the fourmulas for parallelogram, square, trapezoid, triangle, and regular polygon.

Ancient Rome Overview

Please visit and read EACH of these sections of the Duckster’s Website. For each heading, I would like you to make a 30+ Second RECORDING summarizing that you have learned. (DON’T just read me the page! Put things into your own words!)

You can complete this task in Recorder HQ. Since you can pause and add onto your recordings in this app, please put this all together into ONE file. Please just state the name of the section before you begin speaking so that I can follow your thoughts.

When finished, you should be able to send this recording to Drive and hand it in here!


Timeline of Ancient Rome

The Roman Republic

Roman Army

Wars and Battles

The City of Rome

City of Pompeii

Roman Empire in England

Fall of RomeAncient Rome Overview

We did a over veiw of Rome.

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