Internet Safety

By Jacob Gibson

Tip #1  Don't respond to rude messages.

Get your parents involved if you receive a mean message. Block that person if you get another.

Tip #2 Don't get mad it's just a game.

If you get frustrated just quit and take a break. Hangout outside for an hour or two.

Tip #3 Meeting strangers offline.

If they want to meet up get your parents involved. And scout the place they wanna meet at.

Tip #4 Don't text people you don't know.

If you get a message from someone you don't know get your parents involved. Proceed with caution if your parents aren't there at that time.

Tip #5 Only friend people you know offline.

People may not be the person they say they are. If you get a friend request from someone you don't know decline it.

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