Mushroom kingdom

Inspired by the game super Mario bros.

In Mushroom kingdom, Mario and Luigi eat pizza and spaghetti. They love to eat this food. The mushroom people also like to eat pizza and love it really much. They drink juice and a lot more. They also love to eat together and love to talk to each other and make jokes. 

Mario and Luigi speak Italian. They can speak this language pretty well and don't really know how to speak another languages. The mushroom people also speak this language.  Everyone in the Mushroom kingdom know how to speak it really well and love it too.

They live around the north region and its always sunny. The temp is around 80 to 90 degrees.

They all live in mushroom houses and its warm and nice in the houses. The beds are comfortable. The door are small and there is only one window. Also the houses are small, but really comfortable.

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