What is the cockpit like in an airbus?

How many seats in an aeroplane?

A Boeing 747 can seat up to 524 passengers.

The Airbus A380 will be able to carry up to 840 passengers when it is built.

How high can a plane fly?

Planes equipped with jet engines fly at greater altitudes than propeller-driven aircraft. These include commercial flights, cargo jets and even private passenger jets. The air traffic control tower usually assigns a cruising altitude of up to 39,000 feet, but long flights are typically assigned higher altitudes. By keeping these planes at assigned altitudes, air traffic control creates invisible stacked highways in the sky, keeping enough air space between the flights. Air traffic control may change an aircraft’s altitude assignment as needed.

Most general aviation planes use propellers and must cruise at lower altitudes. For example, a Cessna Skyhawk has a maximum operating altitude of 13,500 feet. Planes that fly at higher altitudes must have pressurized cabins to keep the pilots and passengers safe and comfortable. The pressure and oxygen levels inside the cabin are set to correspond with those experienced at up to 7,000 feet.