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Is it a big problem that grant needs lockers? Yes, because people lose a lot of things these days and we need our things like coats, jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves. If Grant gets lockers then this school will be the best school ever. Grant needs lockers.

Grant needs lockers because if someone’s coat got lost their mom or dad might get mad at them because they lost their coat. Also, if it’s cold outside and you lost your coat you will be cold at recess. The coat might be expensive and you don't know and it would be a waste of good money.

My second reason is because our belongings will be more organized. If your items are more organized you can find things a whole lot easier, and if you hang your stuff on a hook someone could steal something right off your hook. Also, stack and pack at the end of the day would be easier for students at Grant.

Last but not least, Grant needs lockers because people are stepping on our stuff all the time. If someone steps on your coat or hat or something it will get dirty and disgusting. Also, something in your pocket might get crushed and you might get mad at them and start an argument.

I think getting lockers is a great idea. We can put the lockers in the classrooms and replace the hooks.The janitor can put the lockers in the school. The principal, Dr. Wingert, can do a fundraiser to raise money for lockers. The janitor can put the lockers in during summer break.

I think Grant can be a whole new place if we work together. Please go in on the fundraiser and help us. Grant needs lockers.  

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