Tony Sarg
By Ian Santoro

Tony Sarg is famous because he was the person that made the Macy's Day parade puppets. He made new and better puppets so that everybody could enjoy the Macy's Day parade. Today the Macy's Day parade is a big thing that happens every year and is a really cool thing to watch because of Tony Sarg.

“Balloons Over Broadway” is a book about a boy named Tony Sarg that liked to build things that moved.Tony sarg was born on April 21, 1880 in Guatemala. One day his father asked him to feed the chickens at six thirty in the morning. He built a system that did the job for him. Tony Sarg moved to London when he grew up. In London, he started making Marionettes because no one else did that. Tony Sarg then moved to New York and his Marionettes began performing on Broadway. One day, Macy’s asked him to create the puppets for Macy’s Day Parade. Mr. Sarg also brought animals to some the parades. Soon Tony Sarg made helium puppets with strings tied to the bottom so people could hold them and everybody would be able to see the puppets high in the sky. Tony Sarg died on February 17, 1942 because of Peritonitis.

Tony Sarg was born in Coban, Guatemala on April 21, 1880 Tony Sarg grew up living with his parents, Francis Charles Sarg and Mary Elizabeth Parker. Tony Sarg was an only child and that mean that he did not have any brothers or sisters. When Tony was growing up he loved to build things that could move and try to invent new things. When Tony Sarg was older he moved to London and started making puppets. Tony Sarg made puppets also called marionettes out of wood, cloth, and strings. Tony Sarg figured out ways to make the puppets like real people. Tony Sarg then moved to New York City. In New York his puppets began performing on broadway. Macy’s heard about Tony Sarg and asked haim to make a puppet parade for the employees at Macy’s. That is how Tony Sarg made money it what he did for a living. Tony Sarg died on February 17, 1942.

Tony Sarg was born in Coban, Guatemala.

I picked these primary sources to show what Tony Sarg looks like. I showed the balloon to show what Tony Sarg’s puppets looked like and how they held the balloon without it floating away and the picture of the art to show what his art looked like These pictures relate to my person because it shows what Tony Sarg looked like. The picture of the puppet is one of the examples of what Tony Sarg’s puppets looked like when it was soaring high in the sky. The picture of the puppet came from the internet and the picture was taken on the streets in New York City. The picture of Tony Sarg came from the internet and was taken while he was planning to make one of his puppets that would soon be soaring over New York City. The picture of the drawing was art that Tony Sarg did that was taken by him.

Tony Sarg had many successes in his career and also had a lot of challenges as a puppeteer. One of his challenges was when he brought tigers to one of the prades. The tigers were roaring at the kids and Tony Sarg had to get new animals from a different state. Tony Sarg had to delay the parade because he had to get new animals and when he did the parade was put on in New York and was a fabulous show. An accomplishment that Tony Sarg had was that he was the person to make the Macy’s Day Parade Marionettes also called puppets. He made them better every year by improving the puppets so everyone could enjoy the show that Tony Sarg’s puppets put on as they were soaring high through the sky. When Tony Sarg was little he liked making a lot a moving things which helped him make his accomplishment of making the Macy’s Day Parade. It was also an accomplishment because that is what Tony Sarg loved to do.

One fact about Tony Sarg is that his real name is Anthony Frederick Sarg.Another fact is that he was described as "America's Puppet Master", and in his biography as the father of modern puppetry in North America.The third fact is that Tony Sarg entered a military academy at age 14 and received a commission as lieutenant at 17; in 1905 in his mid-20s he resigned his commission and took up residence in the United Kingdom, where he pursued a relationship with Bertha Eleanor McGowan, an American he had met when she was a tourist in Germany.

Quote- “Every little movement has a meaning of it’s own”- Tony Sarg

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