How to Arrange A Jello Wrestling Party

When you want to arrange a get together with a dash of some adult fun thrown in, there can be nothing better than a jelly party. This jelly is different from your edible kind and is only meant for enjoyment purposes. It contains non-edible gelatin and food grade coloring. Wrestling jelly is non-staining, biodegradable, and non-toxic so you can use it safely without any worries about skin rashes, allergies, or other health issues. So once you have figured your source for getting all the supplies you require for arranging the event, it is time to get down to business.

First, secure your venue

When you want to host something as uproariously whacky as a jelly event, you require a spacious venue. You will need to place the tub with its overflowing jelly content with enough space left for the attendees to watch from the sidelines and cheer on their favorite participant or team. For a small event with only a few attendees, even your backyard may do, provided it is open enough. With something as messy as the jelly tub, it is preferably an outdoor event of course if the weather permits. This way cleaning it later will be easier for you.

Also, these kinds of parties are sure to draw attention especially with all the frivolity and the noise going around. So arrange it somewhere where it would not draw any unwanted publicity or god forbid irritates the neighbors. In such cases, you should drop the idea of your own backyard and find another venue instead.

Inform everybody concerned

What is the point of ordering party jelly in bulk when no one even knows where or when the event is? You can do it with flyers that indicate age limits, cover charge, or even charitable donations based on what is applicable in your case. Do not forget to mention whether you will be serving alcohol during the party or if it is allowed. Also, inform the participants to be there at the venue earlier than others for registering their presence. This way, there will not be any last-minute glitches resulting from someone’s absence.

Pinpoint the spot for tub

Where are you going to place the jelly tub? Identify that spot from the very first. It should be a flat area so that the tub does not tilt even accidentally to spill its content. If the ground is uneven, take measures to flatten it out before placing the jelly container. Remove all the debris or rocks that may be present there.

Choose the right tub for your needs

The ideal tub is neither too large nor too small to offer enough space for the wrestlers to compete freely. Even multiple partners can get in the tub or work in pairs to ensure the maximum possible fun for everybody involved including the spectators. The jello-wrestling container should have the correct size for your needs.

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