Mobile Apps In the Class

my top 5

1. Sock Puppets: This app is fantastic when used in a collaborative environment. Kids can act out lessons and ideas using a multitude of scenes and props. Example: Asking kids to re-enact a moment from history which inspires them.

2. Journal Jar: Students can shake their mobile device to get a random writing prompt. Example: this can then be a starting point for a piece of writing.

3. Shmuppet: This allows students to create a pod-casts with a digital puppet and then share it with others via Facebook or email etc.Example: Kids can create a podcast as an alternative choice to performing a presentation in class and could email it out.

4. Chalk Pushcast: An app for Blackberry smartphones which allows a secure communication line in which you can tack and post media for priority communications. Example: You could be able to notify students (older students) of upcoming events and due dates.

5. Mobl21: Creates flash cards, study guides, and quizzes while managing the content of users. This app can be used on a variety of devices. Example: You could post out a quiz that could be completed on a mobile device.

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